Consultations of aesthetic medecine and plastic surgery

Dr. Cédric Kron and his team offers three types of consultations so as to better fit your indications and your expectations in terms of results: a face diagnostic consultation, a figure diagnostic consultation and a plastic surgery consultation.

Diagnosis for face treatments

Facial Diagnosis consultation using scientific tools like skinceuticals skinscope

To guide you in the treatment of the aging of the face, Dr. Kron and his team have created a "Diagnosis for face treatments" consultation. Its objective is to use offer a scientific analysis of your skin so to offer you a comprehensive care of your face.

The therapeutic protocol that will be proposed to you at the end of the diagnosis uses the treatments of aesthetic facial medicine that are able to meet your expectations and your indication. It can be cosmetic and / or laser treatments, Keybody-Skin, peels, mesotherapy or injections of botox, hyaluronic acid or skinboosters, ...

This diagnosis makes it possible to evaluate whether aesthetic medicine techniques make it possible to meet your expectations or whether it is preferable to consider an plastic surgery procedure (such as a LVPA facelift which allows a highly significant result on sagging skin). If needed a cosmetic surgery consultation can then be proposed.

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Body Contouring Consultation

Body Diagnostic Consultation using Vectra XT, a 3D picture simulation device

The objective of Body Diagnostic Consultation is to use the diagnostic tools of the fat and muscle architecture of your body and to take into account your expectations for thinning and toning your body. It makes possible to offer a therapeutic protocol tailored to obtain the result that you want and that corresponds to the image you made of yourself.

This diagnosis makes it possible to assess whether you are a good candidate for non-invasive and permanent fat removal treatments such as cryolipolysis with Coolsculpting or EMSculpt. At the end of this diagnosis, you will be given a therapeutic protocol (Keybody-Lipo) that meets your expectations.

If these techniques do not make it possible to obtain the desired result with regard to your indications, a consultation of plastic surgery can be proposed to you. This consultation will consider procedures such as liposuction or lipofilling (buttocks for example) and surgical treatments able to treat sagging skin related to the after effects of weight loss (tummy tuck or bodylift for example, but also arm lift or thigh lift, ...).

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Plastic surgery & aesthetic medecine consultation

Plastic surgery & aesthetic medecine consultation in Paris

Unlike diagnostic consultations that can define therapeutic protocols only in the field of aesthetic medicine, this consultation is the only one that allows to consider the plastic, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery procedures.

After an interview concerning your expectations, an examination of your anatomy as well as a diagnosis allowed by the scientific tools of the cabinet if necessary (Vectra XT, Visia Compexion Analysis, ...), a surgical treatment will be proposed to answer at best to your expectations.

Once the indication determined, the surgeon will explain the specificity of the procedure and the result that can be expected. It will warn you of the risks, even exceptional, related to this type of procedure. Finally, he will give you an informed consent form which confirms in writing the aspects mentioned during the consultation.

Consultation fees

  • Face diagnostic consultation: Free
  • Body Diagnostic Consultation: Free
  • Plastic surgery & aesthetic medecine consultation: 120€

Make an appointment

To make an appointment for a consultation, we invite you to contact the secretariat by telephone or to leave your personal information through our contact form.

Phone : 01 45 62 85 00

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Dr Cédric Kron - Plastic surgeon in Paris

Former resident, Gold Medal of Surgery and Head of Clinic of Paris Hospitals (APHP), Dr. C. Kron is qualified in Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. He practices as a plastic surgeon in Paris, with a comprehensive and tailor-made approach of aesthetic treatments.