Chemical peel for crow's feet

A chemical peel is a technique of aesthetic medicine that helps reduce deep wrinkles such as the crow's feet. This technique regenerates cells of the superficial layer of the skin through chemical action. Regeneration induced by the chemical peel also helps smoothing skin attenuating spots, thus making the skin complexion more homogeneous.

1. Principles of a chemical peel to treat wrinkles around the eyes

Various levels of peels exist: light, medium and deep. The surgeon will advise the most appropriate technique depending on the wrinkles' depth and characteristics of the tissues. The deeper the wrinkles, the more damaged the skin is, so the deeper the peel must be.

For crow's feet treatment, a light or medium peel can be effective and significantly reduce wrinkles. Given how thin the periorbital skin is, a deep peel is discouraged.

Crow's feet wrinkles treatment is recommended to women and men with wrinkles and spots in the periorbital area. A peel of the periorbital area is usually performed under local anesthesia and lasts about half an hour.

2. After a crow's feet chemical peel

The result of such treatment are showing gradually over the weeks following the procedure.

After a chemical peel, crusts form on the surface of the skin for 4 to 8 days (4-5 days for a light peel, 5-7 days for a medium peel). They must be treated with an ointment. Once gone, the crust reveals red skin. Skin gradually becomes pink before resuming its initial tone after a few days to a few weeks.

The application of appropriate makeup make it possible to resume regular activities very quickly (as soon as the crusts are gone).

During two months after the procedure, one must apply maximum sun protection to the treated area.

The result of a crow's feet chemical peel is durable and natural. The harmony of the patient's face is not impaired.

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