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EMSculpt sessions: Build muscles and sculpt your body

EMSculpt® is an innovative and non-invasive body contouring treatment that allows a body sculpting acting both on the muscles and on the subcutaneous fat. This painless and safe treatment is particularly effective for sculpting the abdominal belt, toning and firming the buttocks. On average, 4 sessions of EMSculpt allow to remove the fats of 19% and to increase muscle volume of 16% on treated areas.

In brief

  • Principle: Non-invasive body contouring procedure, combining muscle building and fat removal.
  • For patients who want more defined abs or a higher / rounder butt.
  • Results: Reduction of the fat layer by 19%, increase of the muscle mass by 16% (on average, after 4 sessions). The result can be seen gradually in the following weeks and can be considered final after 2-3 months.
  • Pain ans scars: None
  • Recovery: Immediate. You should maintain a low-fat diet in the following days.
  • Back to gym: Immediate
  • Procedure length: 30 min / session, 1 session each 2-3 days.

What is EMsculpt?

EMSculpt® (sometimes called EM Sculpt) is a non-invasive treatment for body contouring. This is the only treatment combining muscle building and fat removal. Indeed, EMSculpt simultaneously promotes muscle gain as well as the elimination of subcutaneous fat for optimal results.

Clinical studies have shown that EMSculpt reduces the fat layer by 19% and increases muscle mass by an average of 16% during a treatment consisting of 4 sessions spaced two or three days apart.

EMSculpt sessions are indicated for women and men who want to remove excess fat in the belly, redraw and tone their abdominals or their gluteal muscles.

Sculpting the abdominal belt

On the abdomen, EMSculpt allows you to tone, strengthen and firm the abdominal belt. It is the first non-invasive treatment that has scientifically proven its effectiveness to reduce a possible diastasis of the postpartum (abdominal muscle spacing).

Firming the buttocks

On the buttocks, EMSculpt allows to redraw the curve of the buttocks by increasing their muscular volume by acting on all the muscles of the buttocks.

What is the EMSculpt Fat Removal Device?

Principle of Body contouring with EMSculpt

Developed by BTL Aesthetic, the EMSculpt treatment is based on HIFEM® (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) technology.

"Supramaximal" muscle contractions

HIFEM® technology delivers electromagnetic pulses resulting in intense and involuntary contraction of targeted muscles. The contractions induced by the device are so intense that they can not be performed voluntarily (that’s why they are considered "supramaximal" contractions).

The electromagnetic waves of EM Sculpt can cause up to 1,000 contractions in a few seconds. During a 30-minute session, the device causes about 20,000 contractions (about the equivalent of 20,000 squats or crunches).

Hyperplasia and Muscular Hypertrophy

Depending on the settings determined before the session, EMSculpt creates hyperplasia (increase in the number of fibers) and / or muscular hypertrophy (increase in volume).

Comparison between EMSculpt and electrostimulation

Unlike electrostimulation devices, EMSculpt offers maximum efficiency without involving pain. In the case of electrostimulation, the stimulation starts from a plaque placed directly on the skin to join the muscles. Electrostimulation therefore involves a thermal effect as well as a pain (variable depending on the intensity of the stimulation). In the case of EMSculpt, the electromagnetic field directly targets the muscles with maximum intensity, before it is then diffused to the surface (fat) without touching the skin.

This feature has several advantages:

  • No pain, because no thermal effect on the skin (no burning),
  • Maximum efficiency on the muscles
  • For the belly: the electrostimulations act only on the right muscles, EMSculpt acts on the whole muscles of the abdomen.
  • For the buttocks: the electrostimulations act only on the gluteus maximus muscles whereas EMSculpt acts on all the gluteal muscles (large, small and mid-gluteal).

EMSculpt, a combination of muscle building and fat suppression

A combination of muscle building and fat removal

EMSculpt is the only treatment (to our knowledge) that allows for both strengthening and thickening of muscle tissue as well as the removal of subcutaneous fat.

This fat removal is done in a process of lipolysis by cellular apoptosis (programmed cell death). The fat cells are destroyed by the electromagnetic field without an inflammatory reaction (like an accelerated natural death). Then, they are gradually eliminated by the body in a definitive way by natural means.

This elimination of fats is done gradually in the days and weeks following the treatment in three months maximum.

A safe and effective treatment

EM Sculpt has been the subject of 7 independent scientific studies that have all highlighted the effectiveness of treatment to strengthen muscle mass and reduce fat.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment, these studies used all scientific means to record and measure the results: CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, histology and before and after photographs. These studies have also highlighted the safety of the device and the absence of side effects. Indeed, EM Sculpt does not involve needles, rays or heat emission.

In the United States, an average of 96% satisfaction was observed in patients who received EMSculpt treatment.

Dr. Kron became acquainted with all of these studies in detail and tested himself EMSculpt before being the first surgeon to equip himself in France.

Which patient(s) can benefit from the treatment?

A treatment by EMSculpt is adapted to the patients who want to:

  • Reshape their silhouette, for the moment essentially at the level of the belly and buttocks
  • Dry their body, mainly at the level of the abdomen,
  • Remove excess fats in the belly,
  • Develop a harmonious muscular figure,
  • Make the abdominals more visible by removing the subcutaneous fat (for men in particular) and by increasing the muscles in volume and / or number of fibers,
  • Tone and firm the glutes,
  • Increase the volume of the buttocks,
  • Benefit from the effect of a "buttlift or booty lift" without performing a surgical operation,
  • Correct the separation of the abdominal muscles post-pregnancy (diastasis of rights).

Since EM Sculpt stimulates muscle contraction, it can only be effective on areas of the body that are composed of significant muscle tissue. If it does not treat the fat at the level of the love handle, it is particularly effective at the level of the abdominal belt and glutes.

EM Sculpt is indicated in women and men whose pinch fat does not exceed 3-4 cm (1-2 inch) in the treated area. In the case of larger fat deposits, liposuction can be considered beforehand, or a combined cryolipolysis treatment by Coolsculpting and EMSculpt.

Sculpting the abdominals

EMSculpt, a non invasif treatment for sculpting the abdominals by reducing fat

In the abdominal belt and abdominal muscles, EM Sculpt allows both fat removal and muscle strengthening.

EMSculpt acts on the three abdominal muscles:

  • The rectus abdominus, to obtain a well drawn belly
  • The transverse muscle, to obtain a flat belly and a reduction of a possible diastasis
  • The obliques, to obtain a belly in V and sheathed.

The abdominal wall is better defined, the belly appears flatter and the abdominal muscles are more visible. An EM Sculpt treatment also favors a recovery of the silhouette, the indirect effect being a very significant reduction in chronic back pain (back pain, lumbago)

Toning and firming the buttocks

Firming the buttocks with EMSculpt during a session in the 17th office arrondissement of Paris

EM Sculpt appears as the only non-invasive treatment that increases the volume of the buttocks by acting on all the gluteal muscles. Studies have scientifically proven that four sessions of EMSculpt are sufficient to have a lifting effect on the buttocks by the volume increase of the gluteal muscles.

EMSculpt acts on the three gluteal muscles (maximus, medius and minimus) to obtain buttocks ideally curved:

  • The gluteus maximus to get buttocks plump and lifted,
  • The gluteus medius for a buttocks laterally round,
  • The gluteus minimus to obtain a deep volume.

In the case of a buttock treatment, EM Sculpt uses a different sequence of impulses to have an intense action on the gluteal muscles without inducing a lipolysis of fat located at the level of the buttocks. This different setting allows muscular redesign of the buttocks without removing the adipose tissue essential for a certain type of diaper and good skin quality.

Conducting an EM Sculpt session in Paris

An EMSculpt session usually lasts 30 minutes. It takes place directly at the medical office (Paris 17th) after an examination to determine that the treatment is indicated given your morphology and your expectations.

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful. It does not involve needles or electrical impulses directly on the skin.

During the session, there is a tingling sensation and a tightening effect on the muscles during their involuntary and intense contraction. The feeling is similar to an intense exercise-type wrapping session.

After an EMSculpt session:

The activities of daily life can resume immediately after the session. The treatment does not involve any convalescence.

It is advisable to avoid foods high in triglycerides such as fried foods, high fat dishes or alcoholic beverages. The goal is not to overload the liver which must already eliminate fat cells broken down by the treatment.

It is necessary to maintain this type of diet for at least 12 weeks, the time that the lipolysis caused by EMSculpt ends.

Results obtained with EMSculpt

Result obtained by a treatment EMSculpt on the abs of a woman in Paris

How many sessions are necessary?

A complete treatment usually consists of 4 sessions spaced 2 to 3 days apart. Studies have shown that an optimal result is usually observed after 4 sessions (rarely 5 sessions).

The result of the treatment can already be observed after a single session on the muscles.

On average, a treatment of 4 sessions in 10-15 days allows a fat reduction of 19% and an increase of the muscle mass of 16%.

By comparison, the result of an EMSculpt treatment is similar to that which could be obtained with 6 months of intense sports, accompanied by a low-fat diet.

When can we observe the result?

The result of EM Sculpt is not visible immediately after the session.

With regard to muscle strengthening, the result of an EM Sculpt treatment can be seen after 8-15 days.

The result in terms of fat removal appears gradually within 2-3 months of treatment. The result on fats takes longer. Indeed, it is necessary to wait until the fat cells are gradually eliminated by the body.

The result obtained by EMSculpt is sustainable. Of course, it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity to maintain the result.

Advantages of EM Sculpt compared to other body contouring treatments

EM Sculpt is the only non-invasive treatment that acts simultaneously on fat masses and muscular architecture.

Compared with liposuction, EM Sculpt treatment does not induce hospitalization, operative follow-up or scarring.

EM Sculpt therefore makes it possible to obtain a more significant result than a treatment such as cryolipolysis. Indeed, Coolsculpting only acts on fat deposits.

While it may be an alternative treatment for action on belly fat, EM Sculpt may also be a complementary treatment to CoolSculpting. In the case of the abdominal belt, EM Sculpt will help dry out and tone the abdominal muscles and CoolSculpting will remove thicker fat deposits or at the level of the wrists of love.

A device that is part of the Keybody-Lipo protocol

EM Sculpt is is part of the Keybody-Lipo body contouring protocol, created by Dr. Kron. This device is particularly important in the office since Dr. Kron already has a great expertise of non-invasive fat removal treatments (carboxytherapy, cryolipolysis, electromagnetic impulses, electromyostimulation).

Dr. Kron is a federal instructor, sportsman himself and has been treating his patients on a muscle level for almost 10 years in his practice (X-Body protocol adapted to the treatments of the silhouette and the architecture of the body ... ).

This protocol is based on the use of non-invasive fat removal and muscle sculpting treatments combined with assisted muscular electrostimulation sessions (XBody).

To assist you in the treatment of fat removal and toning of your body's architecture, Dr. Kron and his team have set up a free Body contouring consultation.

The objective of this Body contouring consultation is to use the diagnostic tools of fat and muscle architecture of your body, to take into account your wishes for thinning and toning your silhouette so as to propose a protocol customized therapeutic.

Before-After: Body Remcontouring with EMSculpt

Before-After: Firming and toning of the Abdominal Belt

Result of an Abdominal Sculpting Treatment by EMSculpt in a Before-After Photograph

Before-After: Toning of buttocks by EMSculpt

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The before-after photographs above are made available by the laboratory BTL Aesthetic. These photographs present the results obtained after 4 sessions of EMSculpt.

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