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Buttock plastic surgery

Various techniques of cosmetic surgery exist to remodel the buttock area, especially to give shape to buttocks considered "too flat". Most often it involves combined aesthetic surgery techniques. Liposuction and gluteal skin plastification groove help remove fats and lift the skin. Buttock lipofilling and the pose of gluteal implants make it possible for them to give buttocks a round shape and correct a lack of gable.

What makes a buttock beautiful?

A buttock is made beautiful by its proportions relative to the body to which it belongs, by its shape, by the density of its tissues which is revealed during movements, by the texture of the skin during the observation.

Very few studies have been published on anthropometric and aesthetic analyzes of the gluteal region revealing the "signs of beauty" that cosmetic surgery would be able to rectify (volumes, proportions, shapes). Nevertheless, some studies have identified several anthropometric criteria characterizing a harmonious and attractive buttocks.

Criteria explaining harmonious buttocks:

  • anteroposterior projection,
  • lateral depression,
  • gluteal sulcus,
  • supra-gluteal dimples,
  • V-shape of the proximal portion of the intergluteal sulcus,
  • degree of lumbar arching (or "hyperlordosis") which can vary according to the ethnic origins and the postural habits acquired during childhood.

Factors that may cause a deterioration of the appearance of the buttocks

The shape and the volume of the buttocks can differ from these factors of beauty under the effect of the age or weight gain:

  • As you get older, the buttocks decrease in width and the bottom groove extends laterally and inferiorly.
  • Weight gain promotes sagging of the buttock: the gluteal region widens and the furrow is shortened.
  • Secondary weight loss associated with age-related skin slackening promotes ptosis and loss of volume of the supero-lateral segment.

Buttock surgery techniques

Aesthetic buttock surgery is recommended to women and men who want buttocks whose shape, proportion and volume harmonize harmoniously with the rest of their body. Since each morphology is unique, the choice of surgical techniques must necessarily take into account the anatomical specificities of the patient.

There are four variables to classify the different types of buttock:

  1. Anteroposterior projection which characterizes the bulge and the projection of the buttock of profile,
  2. Latero-lateral projection or the width of the buttock
  3. Overall volume of the buttock
  4. Degree of skin looseness (degree of ptosis).

Depending on the type of morphology of each patient, the surgeon is able to deduce the therapeutic choices to correct each criterion in default.

In case of excess of overall volume of the buttocks

In case of excess fat at the level of the buttocks, we can consider a gluteal liposuction. If the excess volume is associated with sagging skin, giving the appearance of a heavy and drooping buttock, liposuction and resection of excess skin should be carried out by placing the scar at the level of the groove. diaper.

Dr. Cédric Kron practices two aesthetic medicine treatments that may appear as alternatives to liposuction of the buttocks. These are two aesthetic medicine treatments that effectively and permanently remove body fat: cryolipolysis with CoolSculpting (which relies on the action of cold) and EMSculpt.

Buttock sculpting and fat removal treatment with EMSculpt

In case of excess volume associated with lack of projection

Liposuction should be combined with a technique to create the wanted projection.

This projection can be created by the following techniques:

  • The installation of gluteal implants,
  • A lipostructure (reinjection of fat in the buttock),
  • Injection of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane®),
  • A plasty furrow by desepidermization to focus and round the buttocks

If the application of gluteal implants does not completely absorb excess skin (ptosis), it may be necessary to perform a cutaneous resection in the groove. In some cases, this skin plasty may be sufficient to refocus the buttocks.

In case of normal volume but lacking projection

It is necessary to carry out a periform liposuction associated with the implantation of implants or a lipofilling. It is also possible to associate the liposuction with a plasty of the groove by desepidermization. This technique allows to reconcentrate and round the buttocks and can be an alternative to augmentation by implant or lipofilling, even when there is no sagging skin.

Medical treatment by injection under local anesthesia of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane®) is also an alternative for a moderate increase.

In case of lack of volume and projection

In this case, three interventions can be considered:

  • The installation of gluteal implants,
  • A lipofiling,
  • or a reconcentration of the buttock by plasty of the furrow.

Medical treatment by injection under local anesthesia of hyaluronic acid (Macrolane®) is also an alternative for a moderate increase.

In case of isolated ptosis

A reconcentration of the buttock by plasty of the groove or lifting of the buttock by scar "in the string" (butterfly type or butterfly wings) are possible.

In case of lack of volume and projection associated with sagging skin

It is possible to proceed to the installation of gluteal implants or a plasty of the groove, or a facelift from above (butterfly type).

In case of significant weight loss

A bodylift is generally the most adequate technique or at least the posterior part of the bodylift only if the belly does not need to be treated.

These different cases are presented for information purposes. Only a consultation with a surgeon can define the advantages and disadvantages of each surgical technique. During the consultation, Dr. Kron establishes a tailor-made therapeutic plan in order to optimize the result / risk balance for each patient.

In addition to the mentioned techniques, the XBody electro-stimulation device allows the buttocks to be redrawn efficiently, by increasing the volume of the gluteal muscles and by refining the thighs.

Operative follow-up of a cosmetic surgery of the buttocks

A buttoplasty is generally performed under locoregional anesthesia (spinal anesthesia or epidural) with associated or general sedation (in this case we associate a long-term local anesthesia). These types of anesthesia provide good control of postoperative pain.

In the majority of cases, hospitalization is necessary for one night. It can be extended to two or three nights when the procedure involves the placement of gluteal implants.

Before an operation of buttock cosmetic surgery, it is necessary to make a preoperative biological assessment.

Like any surgical procedure, a plasty of the buttocks involves risks. The risks and scars of such an intervention depend on the combination of surgical techniques chosen by the surgeon in order to restore the shape and proportions of the buttocks in relation to the overall silhouette of the patient. During the preoperative consultation, the surgeon will expose you to these risks once the therapeutic plan is defined.

Smoking increases the risks of surgical complications of any surgery. Quitting smoking 6-8 weeks before the procedure eliminates any additional risks. If you smoke, talk to your doctor or call Tabac-Info-Service at 3989 to help reduce risks of plastic surgery procedures.

Before-after: cosmetic surgery of the buttocks

Before-after: aesthetic surgery of the buttocks

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