The installation of prostheses or implants makes it possible to obtain the desired volume and curvature for a determined part of the body. Very commonly used in the context of breast cosmetic surgery procedures (breast augmentation), the fitting of prostheses can also be an appropriate aesthetic technique in the context of a remodeling of the calves or buttocks.

There are many types of implants, which vary in shape, texture and filling. Your cosmetic surgeon will detail the benefits of each option during the consultation. In some cases, a lipostructure may be a relevant alternative to the placement of prosthetic implants.

Breast implants : Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation with implant is less about creating new breasts than recreating the breasts that corresponds to your anatomy and your desire in term of volume and shape.

Buttock plastic surgery

Various techniques of cosmetic surgery exist to remodel the buttock area, especially to give shape to buttocks considered too flat. Most often it involves combined aesthetic surgery techniques.

EarFold implants : prominent ears treatment

EarFold implants permanently correct the shape of prominent ears (or “protruding ears”), during a simple and fast intervention with very short recovery

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