Breast surgery

Breast cosmetic surgery (or breast surgery) is not about making "new" breasts, but about making your breast, the one that fits your anatomy and your desire. Whether it's a breast that has not grown enough during adolescence or a breast that was partially lost during pregnancy or mastectomy, breast surgery should put your body in accordance with the way you perceive yourself.

Breast Lift : Breast ptosis correction surgery

A breast lift is a breast rejuvenation surgery which corrects the sagging of breast caused by ptosis so as to restore a young and harmonious breast silhouette.

Breast implants : Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation with implant is less about creating new breasts than recreating the breasts that corresponds to your anatomy and your desire in term of volume and shape.

Breast lipofilling

A breast lipofilling is a surgical procedure that consists in performing a fat transfert of the patient's own body fat cells to increase the volume of breast.

Breast reconstruction surgery

Advances in reconstructive surgery make it possible to repair the breast after a mastectomy and to recreate a breast more and more similar to the other breast.

Breast reduction: Breast hypertrophy correction

A breast reduction surgery corrects the breast volume of patients affected by breast hypertrophy, when breasts are too big compared to the rest of the body.

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