Mesolift NCTF 135 : Facial mesotherapy treatment

Mesolift is a mesotherapy treatment that deeply revitalizes the skin of the face, by providing all the nutrients it needs in a targeted way. A mesolift treatment brings a rejuvenation to the face, slows down and corrects the effects of aging by improving the texture, density, hydration and brightness of the skin.

Among the different types of mésolift treatment, Filorga's NCTF 135 has proven itself as a particularly effective solution for recreating the ideal conditions for regeneration of the skin. In the mésolift procedures he offers, Dr. Kron systematically combines a bottle of NCTF 135 with another bottle of pure and highly concentrated hyaluronic acid so as to reinforce the rehydrating and plumping action of the dermis.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a medical technique consisting in the injection of nutrients and active principles into the superficial layers of the skin (dermis and epidermis). These active principles are different depending on each indication treated: sagging skin, acne treatments, hair loss, ... These ingredients are usually hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and of minerals.

Mesotherapy injections have two particularities that explain their effectiveness. On the one hand, low doses of active ingredients are injected very precisely in the treated areas to obtain a particularly targeted action. On the other hand, these active principles act locally, gradually and do not diffuse into the rest of the body.

Mesotherapy and aesthetic medicine:

Invented in the 1950s, mesotherapy was first used in rheumatology, sports or infectious medicine. Mesotherapy was then proven in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. The effectiveness of this technique has been proven in the context of sagging skin, treatments for acne or even hair loss.

Mesolift is a mesotherapy treatment applied to the face that smoothes, tones and lifts the skin. A mesolift gives an immediate boost (from the first session) to the face and slows down and corrects the effects of aging by improving the texture, density, hydration and brightness of the skin.

Face diagnostic consultation

To help determine if a mesolift treatment meets your needs and expectations, our team offers a face diagnostic consultation. During this free diagnosis, an in-depth assessment of the skin of your face will allow you to develop a tailor-made therapeutic protocol.

How does Filorga NCTF 135 mesolift work?

The Mesolift NCTF 135HA was created by the French Filorga laboratories, specialists for 35 years anti-aging treatments and skin rejuvenation, whether in the field of aesthetic medicine (hyaluronic acid, peeling) or the medi-cosmetic (consumer care inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques).

Mesolift NCTF 135HA from Filorga has been the reference solution since 10 in the context of facial mesotherapy treatment. This complex solution combines about fifty active ingredients combining non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium), co-enzymes and an antioxidant (the glutathione).

These active ingredients manage to recreate an ideal ecosystem allowing regeneration of the skin by rehydrating, densifying and softening it.

Who can benefit fron a mesolift treatment?

Filorga's New Cellular Treatment Factor® (NCTF) mesolift is especially indicated for patients who are looking to:

  • Correct a loss of elasticity,
  • Densify a skin whose pores are dilated,
  • To reduce fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles,
  • Rehydrate a little too fine,
  • Correct skin damaged by sun exposure or tobacco,

In general, the deep regeneration allowed by a mesolift improves the brightness and texture of the skin of the face when it is damaged or shows signs of aging.

Which parts of the body can benefit from a NCTF mesolift?

This type of mesolift is particularly effective for treating the skin on the face but also the skin of the neck.

In particular, to reinforce the moisturizing and plumping action as well as to prolong the effectiveness of the treatment, Dr. Kron systematically combines in the mésolift treatments a bottle of NCTF135 with another vial of pure hyaluronic acid. very concentrated. Two vials are therefore systematically applied to each session.

NCTF ® 135HA Mesolift from Filorga Laboratories for Mesotherapy Facial

The mesolift injection session

Before the session:

Before the procedure, during a "face diagnostic" consultation, a complete examination of your face is carried out thanks to tools such as Visia Complexion Analysis and Skinscope LED. A personalized treatment protocol including NCTF mesolift reinforced with a concentrated hyaluronic acid bottle is then proposed as part of a comprehensive management of your face.

The session:

Once the protocol is determined, as part of a cosmetic and therapeutic approach, the facial skin is prepared with custom-made cosmetological prescriptions.

Injections are performed directly in the consulting room. The session begins with the cleaning and disinfection of the skin with antiseptic contact.

A series of micro-injection is then carried out in several planes according to the indication and the treated area:

  • Injections in the epidermis enhance the radiance and hydration of the skin.
  • Injections at the junction of the epidermis and superficial dermis reduce wrinkles.
  • In the superficial dermis, injections has an effect on the elasticity and the tone of the skin by promoting the production of collagen by the body.

A mesolift session usually lasts 20 minutes. A mesolift treatment is performed after application of anesthetic cream to reduce the sensitivity to bites.

After the session:

After a mesotherapy, social eviction only lasts of a few hours, a day at most a day (the time that the papules caused in the dermis by the needles are absorbed by the skin)

Mild bruises may appear at injection areas. Less frequent, the appearance of local redness or slight edema is possible in some cases. Slightly visible white papules appear temporarily showing that the injections have been done in the dermis (where they are the most effective).

These side effects usually disappear after 6 to 36 hours maximum and can easily be concealed by makeup (it is however preferable not to apply makeup before the day after surgery).

Specificity of the mesolift approach by Dr. Kron

To amplify the result in terms of rehydration and the plumped appearance of the treated area, it adds to the solution injected 1 ml of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. This reinforces the rehydrating action of the dermis and prolongs the duration of action of the treatment. A mesolift session then requires the use of two vials, for a double action, whereas most doctors use only one product.

The mesolift procedures that he offers is often completed with a bio-revitalizing face peel PRX T33, whose particularity is to stimulate the regeneration of the skin without involving exfoliation of the dermis. This peeling can amplify the result (the skin is plumped and smoothed) while significantly reducing the side effects inherent in the use of needles.

Finally, mesolift performed by Dr. Kron is most often part of a comprehensive and tailor-made approach of the skin combining non-ablative laser treatments, optimized pulsed lamps and / or peeling combined and cosmetic prescriptions on measures.

Dr. Kron’s office never charges multiple sessions in advance. So you can gradually appreciate the effectiveness of the proposed custom treatments and these can be adapted to each session if necessary.

Results of mesolift treatment

A mesolift is a progressive and cumulative treatment which is effective for up to three months. The active ingredients contained in the mesolift are gradually consumed by the body to "repair" the skin.

The result of a mesolift can be seen after the first session: an immediate blow is given to the skin. Though it is recommended to make several injections to obtain an optimal result. A personalized therapeutic protocol will be proposed to you after the Face diagnostic consultation: it can consist of combined care (peeling, laser) and / or several sessions of mesotherapy.

In the case of a therapeutic protocol consisting only of mesolift sessions, it is recommended to proceed to 3 sessions separated by 15-21 days and 2 additional sessions spaced 6-12 weeks. It depends on the condition of the skin whose aging criteria are essentially genetics, age, sun exposure and associated smoking.

Between each mesolift session, you can apply the creams that have been prescribed to you after the consultation "face diagnosis", to prepare your skin and thus amplify the results obtained.

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Dr Cédric Kron - Plastic surgeon in Paris

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