Surgical lifts

Lift is a generic term encompassing all cosmetic surgery interventions that aim to correct the aging of the skin and the relaxation of volumes. The goal of a lift is to put the skin back in tension so as to limit the effects of sagging skin.

A surgical lift may involve the whole face (as in the case of the LVPA facelift developed by Dr. Cédric Kron or a part of it (the forehead, the contours of the eyes, the eyebrows, the lower third, the temples) as well as other parts of the body (the arms, thighs or the abdomen in the context of an abdoplasty or a bodylift).

Breast Lift : Breast ptosis correction surgery

A breast lift is a breast rejuvenation surgery which corrects the sagging of breast caused by ptosis so as to restore a young and harmonious breast silhouette.

LVPA Facelift

A facelift using the LVPA technique naturally corrects facial slackening and reposition face’s volume, with invisible scars and a recovery in less than a week.

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