After a hospital-university activity, installed as a cosmetic surgeon in liberal since late 2003, Dr. Cédric Kron created in December 2011 a consulting firm dedicated to a comprehensive and "tailor-made" treatment of aesthetic facial treatments and from the body.

In this aesthetic center, he combines the scientific rigor resulting from his clinical practice and research, the use of the most modern diagnostic tools and aesthetic treatments and a close and supervised postoperative follow-up.

Before a plastic surgery procedure

The quality of the relationship established with the surgeon is essential: it is important to establish the bases of a mutual trust indispensable to the success of a plastic surgery procedure.

Consultations de médecine et de chirurgie esthétique

Le Dr Cédric Kron et son équipe vous propose trois types de consultations pour prendre en charge de la façon la plus efficace et la plus personnalisée possible vos indications ainsi que vos attentes en matière de résultats.

Consultations of aesthetic medecine and plastic surgery

Dr. Cédric Kron and his team offers 3 types of consultations so as to better fit your indications and your expectations in terms of procedures.

Plastic & cosmetic surgery practice in Paris

In this aesthetic center located in Paris 17, Dr. Kron combines scientific rigor, modern diagnostic tools and close postoperative follow-ups.

Risks in plastic surgery

Any surgery involves risks and limitations. If you do not accept them, it is better to give up the intervention and find another solution (aesthetic medicine for exemple).


Dr. Kron practices as a cosmetic surgeon in a private practice and consults in a practice dedicated to a tailor-made treatment of aesthetic treatments.


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