LVPA Facelift

The facelift LVPA (or Deep Plane Facelift) naturally corrects facial slackening and reposition face’s volume, with invisible scars, recovery in less than a week, while offering a lasting result. A facelift LVPA can be more or less extended depending on the patient and can be undergo from 35 to 75 years old, even from 30 to 80 years old. A facelift LVPA between 40 and 50 years will give the most durable and natural result in terms of "rejuvenation" of the face.

In summary: facelift LVPA

  • Indication: Correction of cutaneous and muscular relaxation of the face.
  • Result: Natural in a few days - Final after 6 months
  • Anesthesia: General with laryngeal mask or local assisted
  • Pain: 1 to 3/10
  • Scars: Invisible because completely hidden
  • Recovery: Between 5 and 15 days
  • Resuming sport activities: 2-3 weeks after the intervention
  • Duration of the surgery: 1h30
  • Hospitalization: Day Hospitalization (the patient leave the clinic without bandages 4 to 6 hours after the procedure)

What is a facelift LVPA?

A deep plane Facelift is a type of partial facelift that can correct the aging of the cheeks, jowls and neck in the same procedure. The name LVPA comes from the description of the surgical procedure in French (“Long Vertical Profond Antérieur”).

The principle of intervention, as for any cervico-facial facelift, is to treat sagging skin and sagging muscle in the face and neck. The goal of this type of facelift is not to change the structure of the face but to correct the effects of aging by making it return to its original harmony.

The principle of the procedure:

A cervicofacial lift involves one or two types of surgical procedures:

  • A skin lift so as to tighten the skin of the face.
  • A tensioning of the muscles to correct their release by traction on the tissue that covers them, (the Superficial muscular aponeurotic system or SMAS).

Specificity of the facelift LVPA:

The deep vertical anterior lifting has three features compared to other types of facelift.

  1. It acts vertically upward, in a way that is totally opposite to the mechanism of aging that follows the vertical action of gravity. This offers two main advantages: a natural result (commissures of the lips not displaced by an oblique traction for example, features of the face retaining their natural aspect) and a greater efficiency than an oblique traction.
  2. It acts in depth, by ensuring that the skin detachment is limited. Dr. Kron dives directly under the SMAS which is a solid tissue, made of collagen.
  3. It avoids postoperative bruising on the face. The detachment of the SMAS and its vertical tensioning without peeling the skin opposite allows to correct extremely naturally. This results in an absence of bruises on the face. As the vessels that irrigate the skin have not been cut by the surgical procedure, it allows an extremely fast recovery with complete resocialization in less than a week is possible.

In case of localized excess of fat, the surgeon will be able to proceed with their treatment by liposuction of parts of the face. It should be known that this liposuction will cause bruising in the neck (what a facelift LVPA alone can avoid)

On the contrary, if the face is emaciated, a lipostructure will correct the digging of the face. However, the natural repositioning of SMAS often renders this gesture unnecessary because it carries deep into the fatty tissues that have moved down to return them to their natural position.

A facelift LVPA is also indicated for patients who wish to redefine the oval of their face in the neck and chin. It helps to remove double chin and fat in the neck, while redrawing the skin in excess.

Dr. Kron performs LVPA (Deep Vertical Anterior Liftings) which may involve more or less extensive areas of the face and neck.

Fast recovery after the procedure

The procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or under local anesthesia.

The limitation of subcutaneous detachments in the LVPA makes it possible to reduce the risks of post-operative hematoma and to perform this procedure on a day hospitalization. The patient will come out the very evening of the procedure, without any bandages, without any visible thread, after taking a shower and shampoo at the clinic,

Dr. Kron uses intradermal suture systems that leave no trace on the face: the threads resorb under the skin overtime.

The postoperative effects are usually very reduced. It is important to rest in the first days following the procedure. The onset of edema (swelling) is normal, although very limited with this type of facelift. Swelling gradually disappears within two weeks postoperatively.

Invisible scars

The scars induced by a facelift LVPA are invisible because they are completely hidden.

The scars resulting from the incisions are relatively discreet because they are hidden on the level of the hairy paw and in the ears. In the LVPA technique, there is no scar behind the ears. The scar is hidden even for patients with short hair or with men, including those who are bald or shave their heads completely.

The scars are "invisible" because they are completely hidden under the paws of the hair, in and behind the ears.

Invisible scars after a LVPA face lift

Low risks:

If a traditional facelift presents the risks inherent in all cosmetic surgery procedures, a facelift LVPA drastically reduces the risk of postoperative hematoma and all the side effects of conventional facelifts: bruising, edema, sensitivity disorders, recovery time, because the vascular and nerve "attachments" between skin and SMAS are preserved.

After a facelift LVPA:

As part of a global cosmetic, medical and aesthetic approach to skin aging, Universkin serums can be prescribed before and / or after an LVPA lift, to prepare the skin and optimize the result.

Smoking increases the risk of surgical complications of any surgery. Stopping smoking 6-8 weeks before the procedure eliminates this additional risk. If you smoke, talk to your doctor, surgeon, and anesthesiologist, or call Tobacco-Info-Service at 3989 to help reduce risk and put the odds on your side.

Before & after pictures

Before & after pictures of a facelif LVPA

Résult of a Deep plane Facelift


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