Scars treatment

A scar is the visible part of a lesion of the dermis. It is an integral part of the skin tissue healing process. A scar may result from trauma (injury, accident, severe acne) or surgery (following a dermal incision). All skin lesions cause scarring except for the most superficial lesions, which only affect the epidermis.

Depending on the type of scar (retractile, ulcerated, keloid), several surgical or medical techniques can be considered to reduce scars and correct their appearance: peeling, laser, Keybody-Skin, excision, skin expansion.

Biorevitalization peel PRX-T33

The PRX-T33 biorevitalization peel is an innovative technique of TCA peel that stimulates the regeneration of the skin without involving exfoliation of the epidermis.

Chemical peel for crow's feet

A chemical peel is a technique of aesthetic medicine that helps reduce deep wrinkles such as the crow's feet.

Keybody-Skin: Deep rejuvenation of your skin

Keybody-Skin is an innovative protocol for deep skin regeneration that uses the latest advances in aesthetic medicine: fractional radiofrequency and microneedling.

Laser Icon: Treatment of skin imperfections

Icon laser treatment removes pigment spots, erases acne scars, significantly reduces wrinkles and reduces stretch marks in the stomach, buttocks,and thighs.

Scar surgery: surgical revision of scars

Scar revision or scar removal is a skin repair surgery that attempts to reduce the presence of a scar on a given part of the body.

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