Carboxytherapy is an aesthetic medicine treatment that helps firm the skin of the eyelids, densify the dermis of the face and reduce the presence of dark circles around the eyes. The principle of a carboxytherapy is to inject carbon dioxide under the skin so as to restore flexibility and elasticity.

This type of procedure is indicated for women and men with sagging skin in the face and eyelids, marked circles or stretch marks on the stomach, buttocks or thighs.

Note: Carboxytherapy treatments are no longer practiced in our practice. According to the indications, the carboxytherapy is replaced by sessions of peeling, laser or Keybody-Skin. These treatments offer results that are generally more significant than carboxytherapy.

Diagnosis for face treatments

A face diagnosis allows to implement a custom face therapeutic protocol of aestethic medicine based scientific analysis tools of the skin.

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